Health Excel offers PPO plans.  Health Excel is working in conjunction with insurance providers and local employers to improve employee health and to reduce the dollars spent on Medical Insurance. This strategy will reduce and stabilize the cost of employer’s healthcare budgets through the introduction of a unique funding approach, population management through the strategic use of healthcare data and the integrated partnership of Health Excel physicians.

PPO Product – XiMED Healthy Partners

XiMED Healthy Partners Diagram


Expected Results of Integrated Approach with XiMED Healthy Partners:

  • A Direct Relationship with local employers and Physicians
  • Data Transparency
  • Savings
  • Stabilized Rates
  • Improved Health and wellness of employees
  • Happier and more productive employees

Health Excel is offering an exciting new VEBA Trust product that will provide health care benefits to physicians, families and employees.   A VEBA (Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association) is a trust permitted under federal tax law, whose sole purpose is to provide employee benefits, such as health care, for enrolled members. The network of providers will include all Health Excel physicians and facilities. Each physician office will be treated as a separate employer-sponsored benefit trust that will provide coverage on a level funded, premium equivalent basis.  Health Excel will offer the following qualified plan designs: both an  EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization) and PPO (Preferred Provider Organization); as well as an HSA (Health Savings Account). As plan members themselves, participating physicians will be keenly focused on delivering appropriate care, reducing the need for defensive medicine practice, and lowering the overall cost of care.  This novel approach to benefit design will allow physicians to control the costs of providing care by doing what is best for the patient.