Clever Care


Available during Open Enrollment Oct-Dec 2023.


Clever Care Health Plan is committed to delivering care with a focus on preventative treatments through integrating Eastern and Western medicine. Clever Care has plan options with $0 monthly premium, flexible health & wellness allowance, Eastern therapy treatments as well as acupuncture.  Clever Care offers enhanced dental, vision and hearing benefits, and an annual allowance for Flexible Wellness benefits.

Clever Care offers the following Medicare Advantage plans for San Diego:  

Clever Care Longevity Medicare Advantage Plan (HMO)
Clever Care Balance Medicare Advantage Plan (HMO)
Clever Care Fortune Medicare Advantage Plan (HMO)
Clever Care Value Medicare Advantage Plan (HMO)

Available Benefits Include:
    • $0-$33.20 Monthly Plan Premium/$0 Deductible
    • $0 Primary Care visits/$0 Specialist visits
    • $888-$3,000 Maximum Out-of-Pocket
    • $0 Acupuncture
    • $200-$1,200 per year Flexible Wellness Benefits
    • $0 Transportation (24-36 trips)
    • $250-$1,250 Dental allowance every 6 months
    • $0 Routine Hearing Exams
    • $0 Routine Vision Exams
    • $0 for Tier 1 Generic Drugs/$0-$10 for Tier 2 Generic Drugs 

Plans include Urgent and Emergency Care, plus Worldwide Emergency and Urgent Care coverage.

Contact CLEVER CARE Health Plan for more information
at 1-833-365-1888, or visit