Brand New Day


Available during Open Enrollment Oct-Dec 2023.


Brand New Day Health Plan offers comprehensive benefit programs designed to address our members' unique healthcare needs.  Brand New Day provides a focused approach that is personalized to help keep members healthy and independent.  Brand New Day offers a variety of Medicare plans.  Many Brand New Day plans offer enhanced dental, vision and hearing benefits; monthly allowance for certain over-the-counter (OTC) health care items; 24/7 Teledoc Doctor Advice Line, meals and nutritional counseling; and SilverSneakers gym membership.

Brand New Day offers the following plans for San Diego:  

Brand New Day Classic Care 1 Plan 25 (HMO)
Brand New Day Valor Care Plan 48 (HMO)
Brand New Day Embrace Care Plan 39-1 (HMO)
Brand New Day Part B Savings Plan 49 (HMO)

Available Benefits Include:
    • $0 Monthly Plan Premium
    • $0 Primary Care Visits/$0-10 Specialist Visits
    • $999-$4,500 Maximum Out-of-Pocket
    • $0-$1,408 Deductible for Inpatient Hospital
    • $0 Chiropractic/$0 Acupuncture
    • OTC allowance - $40 monthly or $250 semiannually 
    • $0 Transportation for approved visits
    • Comprehensive Dental Coverage
    • $0 Routine Hearing Exams
    • $0 Routine Vision Exams
    • $0 for Tier 1 Drugs/$9-$12 Tier 2 Drugs

All plans include Telehealth, Resources for Living, unlimited Worldwide Emergency and Urgent Care coverage.

Contact BRAND NEW DAY Health Plan for more information
at 1-866-255-4795, or visit