HMO Product – XiMED & Medicare Advantage

XiMED IPA has entered into contractual relationships with Medicare Advantage Plans (MA) through Anthem Blue Cross. Enrollment in such plans has been steadily increasing each year and currently stands at over 17 million seniors nationwide, with over 450,000 in San Diego alone. Medicare Advantage plans provide patients with complete Part A & Part B benefits and typically offer additional benefits beyond traditional Medicare. Physician reimbursement for MA plans can either be on a capitated or FFS payment basis. By contracting with such plans, IPA physicians will now have access to a greater number of patients and new business relationships with national carriers. While such plans carry a higher level of risk, XiMED is excited to add the Medicare Advantage population to our patient membership, and is looking forward to working collaboratively with the MA health plans that offer benefits in the San Diego marketplace.

To shop for XiMED/Anthem Medicare Advantage Plans, click on the Anthem link below (, or call Toll-Free 1-855-306-4537 (TTY) 711:

XiMED Medicare Advantage