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Elaine Anderson, HIS (Hearing Instrument Specialist)


American Hearing Aid Center of South Bay dba Sonus

Elaine Anderson has been in the hearing care field for over 22 years. Her career began as Office Manager for San Diego Hearing Dispensary in 1994. She joined Sonus as a Senior Patient Care Coordinator/Trainer in 1997. After 14 years, she realized how much she loved the hearing healthcare field and became a Hearing Aid Dispenser. At 19 years old, Elaine worked as a Certified Home Health Nurse and Certified Nurse Assistant. She can also speak some Spanish and Tagalog. Taking care of people and being in the medical field has always been something she enjoyed and found satisfaction in. Discovering the world of hearing healthcare at the age of 22, she grew to love the challenges that came with the great feeling of helping people who suffer from hearing loss. When she’s not in the office, Elaine enjoys spending time with her 2 grandchildren.


Primary Address:

310 Third Avenue, Suite # B21/C11
Chula Vista, CA  91910

Phone Number: (619) 426-0841
Fax Number: (619) 426-9197
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Maric College of Medical Careers
Year of Graduation:  2007