Libro DiZinno, MDPadma Nanduri, MD, FACS

Libro DiZinno, MD

Libro Di Zinno, M.D.  has been practicing Ophthalmology for the last fourty years.  After Ophthalmology residency at Balboa Naval Hospital, Dr Di Zinno completed Ophthalmology fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Di Zinno has also served in the Navy with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Dr. Di Zinno received his medical Degree…
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Padma Nanduri, MD, FACS

Dr. Nanduri previously served as assistant clinical professor, at UCSD School of Medicine training ophthalmology residents and fellows. At Dr. Nanduri’s Associated Eye Surgeon’s Medical Group, we are fully dedicated to improving and preserving sight, offering comprehensive vision care for any disease or disorder of the eye.
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