Heather Horner, AUDGary Shasky, Au.D.Charity Herrera, Au.D.Rhonda Jespersen, Au.D.

Gary Shasky, Au.D.

Dr. Shasky has worked in the hearing health care field for over 23 years and has fit over 2,000 patients with hearing loss with hearing aids. After an auto collision, Dr. Shasky was diagnosed with a mild hearing loss and tinnitus in his right ear and has worn a hearing aid for over 10 years.…
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Charity Herrera, Au.D.

Charity Herrera has been improving the lives of her patients for over 18 years. She is a seasoned Audiologist who takes a patient centered approach to hearing better. Charity takes special care to involve the patient’s friends and family in the hearing health care process, as she aims to create a support network to assist…
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Rhonda Jespersen, Au.D.

Dr. Jespersen received her doctoral degree from A.T. Stills University in Arizona and her Master’s Degree from California State University-Fresno. She has practiced audiology for over 30 years, both in Los Angeles and the Indio valley. Her varied career includes both working in private practice and serving as a “Combat Audiologist” in the U.S. Army…
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