Benjamin Cahoon, ODPatty Cheng, ODHenry Hudson, MDAnh Tonnu, ODMelissa Willey, ODSujata Prabhu, MDJoshua A. Morrison-Reyes, MD

Benjamin Cahoon, OD

Dr. Cahoon has been practicing optometry for the last ten years. Eight years were spent in Canada, where he learned to love the challenges of treating patients with dry eye and the benefits of refractive surgery such as LASIK. He enjoys educating his patients on their vision health and options for treatment. Dr. Cahoon is a voracious learner who…
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Sujata Prabhu, MD

Dr. Sujata Prabhu is a board certified ophthalmologist with a focused specialty in cataract surgery, corneal transplantation, and refractive procedures. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Duke University where she graduated with honors. She then attended Washington University in St. Louis for her medical degree, a top 10 medical school. After receiving…
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