Sadaf Farasat, MDPaul Marquis, MDWilliam Pitt, MDHarold Bradfield, MDRobert VanFleet, MDAjay Singh, MDShareef Riad, MDSuraj Rambhia, MDMax R. Pollock, MDTheresa Yuh, MD

Sadaf Farasat, MD

Dr. Sadaf Farasat completed her medical degree in Pakistan at the Aga Khan University. After finishing medical school she moved to Derby, Connecticut where she completed her residency in internal and preventative medicine in 2016. Craving more education, she sought out a masters degree in public health from Yale University before she pursued a fellowship in…
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Paul Marquis, MD

Dr. Marquis has been advocating patient health and wellness for the past 30 years. Although he graduated from medical school from the University of Chicago in Illinois, he traveled to New York to complete his residency at the University of Rochester Medical Center, and again traveled to Maryland to complete his fellowship in Developmental pediatrics…
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William Pitt, MD

“Doctor, Friend, Advocate” William A. Pitt, MD has been practicing medicine since 1972. He graduated from British Columbia University in 1967 and finalized his studies at University of California San Diego where he earned a Fellowship in Cardiology. Dr. Pitt has completed over 40 publications and research projects. He is a member of the American…
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